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Confidentiality Agreement

This document is in response to your interest in ReNEW Softwash, “America’s Finest Softwash System”. While we are willing to explain the system developed by ReNEW Solutions, Inc. in more detail, we need some assurance that our disclosures to you regarding the cleaning solutions, equipment, process and methods used in the “ReNEW System” will remain confidential. Accordingly, prior to any further conversations, we request that you agree to the following:

  1. At all times you will (and will cause your representatives and agents to) keep confidential any and all information, documents, and data which are furnished to you or to which you are given access concerning the “ReNEW System”. If you are not granted a license, you will return promptly to us all originals and copies of any materials received from us.
  2. Any breach or threatened breach of the above paragraph will cause irreparable injury to us. Accordingly, if there is any such breach or threatened breach of the above paragraph, we are entitled to an injunction restraining you from such breach.

If you are in agreement with the foregoing, please indicate your agreement completing and executing the acknowledgment on this form.

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